Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage

Imprisoning Our Imaginations

Recognize the differences between people and animals, liberate your imagination, and actualize your human potential…

Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage Imprisoning Our Imaginations

Confusion ends here!


Make clearer distinctions, better decisions and more accurate evaluations!


Think through things for yourself more creatively and effectively!


See new possibilities and other ways of looking at things more quickly and easily!


So thought-provoking you'll see even very familiar things differently...


Get much greater insight into the nature of the status quo!


Written by a self-educated, maverick author.

“Become more aware of how you represent reality to yourself, how this is natural, healthy and necessary, how these representations you use to navigate the world are not reality itself, and how overlooking this vital distinction (between reality and representation) leads to unresolvable confusions. Now you can become aware of, correct and avoid these confusions!”

More and more people are becoming aware we are grappling with a manufactured, media-projected, corporate-funded reality. There is a controlled and choreographed, make-believe world of mainstream news and information, a biased set of calculated distortions designed to hide the underlying realities you are not supposed to see. This grossly deceptive yet authoritatively sanctioned ‘truth’ is a pretense, a show, a dance of distractions intentionally designed to make you believe what those creating the messages want you to believe—through well-crafted propaganda, disinformation and other deceptions.


You’re taught to lock yourself into a fixed set of allowable thoughts, an unchangeable view of the real and the possible, so you know what’s intelligent, what’s true, and what’s beautiful. You adopt the officially sanctioned ‘wisdom’ about what issues are important, how to be successful, how to fit in, what you can do, and on and on. A non-stop barrage of forceful suggestions molds your perceptions of reality, which largely govern how you live your life.


More important than where this ongoing dance in a cage of thoughts created for you by someone else, began, is where does it stop? Can it stop? Yes, this book explains, but not without effort. Not without some degree of strength, courage and an understanding of the basic mechanisms this book presents in depth in plain and simple language.


Unlocking your ‘allowable-thought cage’ requires becoming aware that certain controlling and limiting ‘truths’ exist, and that you can become increasingly aware of them once you know what to look for. You can sort through competing contradictions, creatively connect the relevant dots and discern the ones that don’t belong together. Those you can disconnect.


This unique book shows how you can reassess your ‘thought-cage’ and reshape it so it better conforms to your personal experiences and observations. It offers a general orientation that helps you clarify the way you look at even very familiar issues and situations. It helps you free your mind so you can ‘unlock the cage’ constraining what you consider allowable-thoughts, the only thoughts you allow yourself to think…

Or, simply...