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More Confidently Know and Express Who You Really Are

Break Through Limitations Imposed by Yourself and Others

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Read this groundbreaking new book:

Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage Imprisoning Our Imaginations

Unlocking The

Allowable-Thought Cage

Imprisoning Our Imaginations

Actualizing Our Human Potential

by Michael A Green

You’ll find out how to:

  • Become more aware of and see through more of what is already going on around you.
  • Find out how to free yourself from automatic responses that don’t serve you.
  • Develop new views and frames of reference that empower you to be yourself, trust yourself and accept yourself.
  • Revise and recreate your worldview, your uniquely personal sense of reality, what’s possible, what’s true, what you value, and how you can see and act in ways that more fully express your passions, talents, values, and abilities.

Michael Green is a lifelong, self-taught student of the human psyche, multiple states of consciousness and how people become confused by ‘propaganda’. He speaks from what he’s learned directly from his own experience applying the methods he describes.

This is something new. The author has synthesized some key insights from several dimly-known yet highly accomplished and gifted authors and visionaries, blended in key insights of his own, developed a practical, integrated understanding that brings it all together, and now presents his conclusions in this uniquely original book.

He has achieved this understanding by applying these principles in his daily life and refining his knowledge through real-world experience in situation after situation, year after year. This insightful work has taken a lifetime of living and studying, researching and experimenting, improving and recasting, to be able to understand, develop and explain.

He has translated his understanding into clear and simple language, augmented it with insights gained from decades of experience using these principles and methods, and created many innovative diagrams to help present it in a way you can understand it, remember it and use it yourself in your day-to-day living.

Here’s what people are saying about this important book:

[Michael Green] has created a thoughtful and insightful book which can help you think clearly for yourself in spite of the endless barrage of propaganda from the many special interests who don’t want you to think for yourself…but to think as they tell you to.

Harold Cabot, Jr.

Anyone who is really serious about understanding what is actually going on in the world will want to read this book!

Ali Jafari

M. Green takes on a challenging subject which is typically quite cerebral and sterile and he breathes life into it. For his first book, quite an impressive feat. The book keeps your attention because of his exceptional writing skills and I would recommend it to anyone.

Patrick Conlin

Unlocking The Allowable Thought Cage has been more help to me than 30 years of therapy. It was a turning point in my life. It helped me sort through my past experiences and see through the BS I was fed as well as seeing through the BS I had been conditioned to feed myself. Not only is this book for anyone who has been working on themselves, it’s a must read for any war veteran or anyone suffering from PTSD regardless of cause.

Dean Cook

Michael Green suggests action plans for untangling confusions in our maps of the world so that we can learn to free our minds from undesirable influences and create more balance and spiritual awareness in our lives. It’s an absolute “must read” and trains the reader to analyze crucial issues in today’s world.

Sherry Hale

When I finished the book I wanted to read it all over again. It contains so many ‘pearls’. Page after page. It’s loaded… filled with golden nuggets that really opened my mind and got me thinking.

Charles Davis

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How do you know if this book is right for you?

Anyone with a curious attitude can read and profit from these pivotal insights—anyone who is actively trying to figure out and better understand what is going on in this complicated and confusing world…

The book incorporates insights from philosophy, science, psychology, spirituality, mythology, epistemology, politics, propaganda, metaphysics, media, religion, mysticism, meditation, history, anthropology, language, communication, law, pathology, education, schooling, brainwashing, repetitive conditioning, the nature of consciousness, and human potential. Still, the writing is presented in simple, down-to-earth, easy-to-understand language with clear, helpful diagrams.

You will like this book if you like to:

Figure things out.

Think for yourself.

Learn new things.

Make your own decisions.

Be in control of yourself and your life.

Develop your sense of self and individuality.

Understand things deeply and with lasting insight.

Understand how people work and how 'the mind' works.

Understand what is going on around you in the world better.

See through pretentions, deceptions, propaganda and slogans.

Learn how things fit together so they actually make sense together.

Feel empowered to live the way your heart or spirit calls you to live.

Improve your ability to remain unconfused in the face of complexity.

You will also like this book if:

You're looking for something original and thought-provoking.

Your individuality, free will and self-expression are important to you.

You are already walking your own unique path in life, or exploring it.

You realize there's a lot more to life than simply making more money.

You already like books on self-development, personal growth and self-help.

You are already working on yourself and want a refined edge of clarity.

Or if:

You would take the red pill that Morpheus offers to Neo in The Matrix movie, to explore Wonderland, see how deep the rabbit-hole of the real world actually goes and what you can do to unlock your imagination and free your potential.

How do you know if this book is NOT right for you?

If you are dead-set against interpreting reality any differently than you already do, if you are committed to upholding your current set of beliefs, your present worldview, no matter what, regardless of how it may be holding you back—whether out of fear, faith or passionate idealism—then you will probably not want to read this book.

Those who read it will likely find it very difficult to remain unchanged… This is what many reviewers of Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage have reported.

Those already working on themselves, those already embroiled in the process of coming to terms with a wide range of human issues and challenges, those deeply concerned with the human soul, with inner significance and incorporating human values with the philosophical implications of modern science, those interested in seeing through propaganda, half-truths and deceptions, will greatly appreciate the issues clarified in this book.

Those passionately driven to think for themselves and take responsibility for their actions will benefit the most…

Historically, this has not been a large group. Perhaps this trend is about to change… because at this point in history, only these kinds of people have the ‘inner fire’ to make a difference. This book presents many powerful tools and approaches to help you become more effective in understanding, more effective in planning, and more effective in action.

You will not like this book if:

Your leading values are apathy and laziness.

You don't care if you ever learn anything new.

You're looking for light, distracting entertainment.

You prefer to let other people do your thinking for you.

You're content making the same mistakes over and over again.

Your only driving concern in life is making more money more easily.

You don't care much about your personal rights, liberties and freedom.

You'd rather be told how to live and what to do than figure it out for yourself.

You have no interest in deepening your understanding of things you're already familiar with.

You'd rather be entertained than improve yourself, enrich and clarify your mind or enliven your worldview.

Or if:

You would take the blue pill that Morpheus offers to Neo in The Matrix movie, to end the story of this book before it begins, wake up in your bed and continue believing whatever you want to believe.

It’s so easy to get caught up in immediate daily priorities that you never take the time to reflect about where you’re going, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. You can become too distracted by constant pressures to even care very much…

Your life can become so circumscribed by what you’ve learned in school, what you’ve been told by teachers, professionals, attorneys, politicians, advertisers and other authorities dominating your attention, that you live completely in the world these “thought leaders” have given you.

Here you may be able to see some of the bars or authorized limits forming your “allowable-thought cage”.

Those content to live inside this small manufactured world will not likely find the issues presented in this book interesting. Those wanting to punch through, to see past, to “unlock” this cage, will want to take the time to delve deeply into its chapters.

If in doubt, download the free 34-page sample containing the table of contents, preface, introduction and first chapter in PDF format on the Sample page. Read this to see if you want to read the full book…

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Here’s what you can expect to get out of

Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage:

Find out how to reliably distinguish maps of reality from reality itself, so you’re better able to discern truths from lies and genuine discoveries from contrived pretenses.

Learn a simple 7-step technique to clearly evaluate specific statements and come to your own conclusions about how accurately they describe what’s really going on.

Find out six crucial distinctions between animals and people, and how some people ‘think’ in an animalistic way and even copy the behavior of animals in their daily living and decision-making—and how to stop doing it.

Discover that we have a ‘natural order of evaluation’ and that words are, perhaps surprisingly, not the most important issue involved in figuring out what’s what.

Find out how preset, fixed definitions may be closing your mind to opportunities and paths of action, so you can wind up ruling out viable options before you even get a chance to seriously consider them.

Gain a sharper edge of clarity in navigating and understanding your life and seeing more clearly through the distortions, confusions and deceptions hurled at you with great force from dozens of sources, day after day and year after year.

Learn to more fully enjoy ‘thinking things through for yourself’ and to use this ability to act more effectively on your own behalf.

Discover the key differences between ‘education’ and ‘propaganda’ and use these insights to liberate yourself from stale conditioning that doesn’t serve you, your values or your interests.

See how you’ve been conditioned and how you can use this knowledge to ‘recondition’ yourself based on your own agenda, rather than on the basis of someone else’s designs for you.

Become far more difficult to deceive.

Become far more difficult to confuse.

Get better at imagining new options, possibilities and alternatives so you can help yourself and others get unstuck, break through impasses, and find new paths forward in what formerly seemed like dead ends.

Better appreciate the crucial importance of underlying intentions and leverage this knowledge to reach broader understanding and more honest and lasting agreements with more people in more situations.

Parents and teachers can give something to their children and students that will help them develop themselves, clarify their thinking, connect them with their heartfelt values—better enabling them to see through their conditioning and ‘schooling’, as well as other commercially-driven biases permeating our culture.

Those who are progressing on their own path can gain a new edge, techniques that improve their judgements, ways to make better sense of the meanings of things, helpful tools that aid discrimination, understanding, clarity, planning, and communication.

Form more intelligent opinions and make better decisions.

Get clear and memorable methods that will enable you to grow more perceptive and improve your understanding of human behavior with continued practice.

Grow a lot less susceptible to becoming deceived or manipulated by the fixed and unbending prejudices of others, and less likely to become confused by their absolute certainty.

Experience fewer shocks and surprises from assuming or deciding that certain things are true that later prove to have been false, as you get better at distinguishing ‘maps’ from the ‘territories’ they’re supposed to represent.

Start disconnecting yourself from automatic responses that don’t serve your authentic values.

Develop new views and frames of reference that empower you to be yourself, trust yourself and accept yourself.

Revise and recreate your worldview, your uniquely personal sense of reality, what’s possible, what’s true, what you value, and how you can act in ways that more fully express your passions, talents, and abilities.

Get clear about the advantages of ‘multi-valued logic’ and how it can free you from the limitations of ‘either/or’ thinking so you can continually create more options for yourself.

Become so conscious of your conditioning, training and ‘schooling’ that you can see through it, recover your values, and act more boldly in accord with your genuine interests.

Re-evaluate assumptions, opinions, conclusions and other ‘maps’ of reality that you may have been clinging to since childhood, so you can reconsider them as an adult.

See how ‘ideology’ and ‘fundamentalism’ can keep you confined within a narrow, fixed cage of allowable-thoughts, and how you can break free to new ways of seeing the world and taking more creative action.

Understand how certain words can polarize your mind at one extreme or another, preventing you from having balanced perspectives and successfully collaborating with others, and how viewing these words differently can empower you to communicate and work with many more people happily and effectively.

See how certain types of behavior are healthy while other forms of behavior are powerfully unhealthy, how to determine which is which, and how to act in healthier, more self-supporting ways.

Get a good basic, general education about how to protect your ‘mind’ from brainwashing, manipulative propaganda, consumerism and thought control.

See how a basic scientific understanding already influences how you view the world, whether you think of yourself as scientifically knowledgeable or not.

Clarify key distinctions that you can recall and use throughout your day to keep you ‘thinking clearly’, strengthen your ability to see differences and inconsistencies, sharpen your perception and minimize basic confusions and time-wasting distractions.

Understand how many people value and protect personal beliefs far more highly than they deserve to be valued and protected, so you can free yourself of the stress created by worrying about issues that have less importance than you may have been led to believe.

Get everything you need to start noticing and identifying unsavory people who are deceptive, exploitive or otherwise malevolent, so you can marginalize their influence on your life, on your values and opinions, and on the decisions you make.

Discover how to use a simple diagramming convention to help you frame complex issues and situations more simply and easily, as the included examples demonstrate.

Why now?

Because things have become so foreboding, so corrupt, so ominous for those of us still paying attention, that there may be a great enough incentive now, a ravenous-enough hunger, for people to really take a hard look ‘into their minds’ and begin to come to terms with what’s there, difficult as the task may be…

More and more people are becoming aware that we are, among other things, grappling with a media-projected or company-manufactured public reality. There is a controlled and choreographed, talked about, reported on, broadcast, make-believe reality—a pretended set of norms that diverge radically from the living realities they cover over. This publicly approved and sanctioned ‘truth’ is in major degree a pretense, a game, a show, a dance of distractions perpetrated on the public through many forms of propaganda, puppets and deceptions.

The situation gets worse. These lies and distortions have been instilled in us since birth, strengthened and reinforced in school, and even supported by our parents! Your parents also supported your teachers, who you therefore had to trust. Your parents didn’t realize they had been fed the same diet by their parents, who were also raised by misinformed parents, who were raised by theirs… More important than where it began, is where does it stop? Can it stop? Yes, this book explains, but not easily. Not without effort. Not without some degree of strength and courage.

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Still here?

If you’re still here after everything you’ve already read then you owe it yourself to check this book out because most people would be long gone by now…

If you’re fearful that so many things are out of your control, feel that there seems nothing you can do to help yourself, get confused by conflicting messages, overwhelmed by more information than you can sort out and use to your advantage, angry at people for lying or deceiving you or betraying your trust, yearning to understand what is really going on, believe you could help yourself if you only had some effective insights and methods, if you’re searching for techniques and explanations that actually help you strengthen and simplify your outlook, then you want to read this book.

If you’re determined to live according to your own values, aspire to help yourself and others if only you had more clarity about what is happening, if you already understand a lot and are hoping to refine your attitudes with an extra edge of confidence and insight, this book can help.

Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage contains:

  • A detailed table of contents, making it easy to find the sections you want to refer back to, or discuss with friends.
  • Step by step explanations.
  • Clear examples and illustrative stories.
  • More than 40 helpful and memorable diagrams.
  • Proven methods.
  • A 28-point closing summary.
  • A bibliography.
  • A broadly-inclusive, integrated system of orientation you can use to help untangle confusions, distortions and deceptions in your life and relationships whenever and wherever you find them.

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P.S. If you’re still here then you’ll likely read my book or at least check out the free sample. So, when you like it, love it or find it helpful, please post a favorable review of it on Amazon.com to encourage others to read it too.

P.P.S. If you’re seriously interested or curious about unlocking your allowable-thought cage, or you just want to get clearer about what this means and how it works, then get this book right away. It’s a minor expense you can easily afford and the longer you delay confronting central issues the harder they become to face. Take the path of least resistance in the long-run and start reading this book right away. The sooner you get it, the sooner you can start using it to free your mind…

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Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage Imprisoning Our Imaginations
Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage Imprisoning Our Imaginations
Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage Imprisoning Our Imaginations
Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage Imprisoning Our Imaginations

Challenge Yourself

If you’ve read to the bottom here, you are very likely going to get a lot out of this book…