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Michael A Green is a writer and consultant who taught himself computer programming, systems analysis, design, modeling and specification, project management, team building, how to run a business, and remains a lifelong, self-educated student of the human psyche.

Writing professionally most of his adult life, he used his skills to create his own software development company and consulting practice, and later to successfully manage huge software development projects with budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars.

He has also been a musician, a dental technician, a cook, a mountain climber, a voracious reader, a Go player, a Certified Mediator, a freelance writer and copywriter. He spent many years as a community activist tutoring elementary school children and college students, serving on the technical advisory boards of a high school and a college, as President of the local Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the local Municipal Planning Commission where he supervised the development of the city’s 20-Year Comprehensive Plan and also served as an elected City Councilman.

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