I was traveling the road with my friend Rich, by bus. We were going a very long way, stopping at place after place as we progressed. When we left where we were staying, we went back out onto the road, usually at night, to wait for the bus to come.

Rich was always there ahead of me and I just kept barely making it in time to catch the bus. I kept getting bogged down packing. I was carrying a bunch of luggage for other people. Either it was for someone else and I was bringing it to them or it belonged to someone else and I was carrying it someplace for them.

Every time we left a place and I went to get my bags from out of the closet, there were more of them than when I arrived. Some were very heavy and most of the baggage for other people had very poor handles or no handles at all.

There was one very heavy bag shaped like an elongated cube that had no handles on it of any kind. I had to grab a bunch of the heavy canvas-like outer cover in order to get a hold of it using only one hand. The other luggage for others had handles that were either broken or missing or looked too frail for the weight they needed to carry. Or there were no handles that had ever been made for the bags in the first place. That was the way they were designed.

I had to keep leaving some of the baggage behind because I could only take what I could carry with me onto the bus and I had a fairly heavy bag of my own. I had to pick the most important packages at every juncture and lug them out to the bus stop with great effort. I kept feeling the pressure of maybe missing the bus.

Reflections on the dream

Baggage constructed for the purpose of carrying things around, deliberately designed to be difficult to handle. Some people’s ‘baggage’ is designed to be unhandleable. They intentionally make it that way—on purpose—for their own reasons. They don’t want to get rid of their baggage, leave it behind, or even make it easier to carry. The poor handles make their baggage different, unusual and interesting, and especially difficult to manage. Some people crave continuing help carrying their heavy, difficult-to-carry yet familiar baggage around….

Questions and Answers

Q: Why did Rich always get to the bus stop before you?
A: Because sometimes we feel like we’re not keeping up with others.

Q: When you left baggage behind, oh my God, what have you lost?
A: We never handle everything in our lives that we possibly can.

Q: Why are you carrying so many other people’s baggage and not just your own?
A: Sometimes that’s the nature of the relationships we have with others.

Q: “They really crave continuing help carrying it around” So, why are you seemingly helping a lot of people carry their baggage that seems purposely un-handle-able?
A: Sometimes we allow some problems to remain unresolved and live with them as they are, rather than ending our relationships entirely because of them.

Q: And why every place you stopped, was there more baggage than before?
A: Because I met new people and developed new relationships, however brief.