There was a couple walking toward me in the park the other day, that looked like they might be married. He had his arm resting on her shoulder as they walked, in a way that didn’t really look like a caress or an affectionate gesture, more like he was just resting his arm on her shoulder without much concern for how she felt about it. She seemed to be tolerating it rather than enjoying it.

I quickly asked myself a few questions about this couple. Was he resting his arm on her shoulder for convenience? Was he expressing some sort of domination or control? Was she aware of what I perceived as a lack of warmth in his touch?

How about you? Any quick impressions float to the top of your mind? What do you think about this man’s attitude toward the woman he’s with?

As they passed me I kept watching them from behind for a minute. From behind it was obvious this man was walking very cautiously and with a slight limp, while leaning on her shoulder for support. She was matching his gait and walking a bit stiffly to offer him additional support without being too obvious about it.

Does this one last little additional perspective change any of the assumptions you made about this couple? It sure answered my questions…. How many additional little perspectives are we habitually overlooking?