PDF Plus Epub: Unlocking The Allowable-Thought Cage

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Written and Illustrated by Michael A Green

For those who want the advantages of both formats in order to the view the book on multiple devices, we offer a full 20% discount when you purchase both the PDF and Epub formats together.

PDF: The PDF version retains the full, sophisticated formatting of the printed book and is the best digital format if you have an electronic device with a reasonably large screen. If your screen size is too small, you might have to zoom in and pan around to read everything and this can be cumbersome.  The formatting is for a printed book 6 inches wide by 9 inches tall.  So if your screen size can display a 6 inch wide page so you can read it comfortably, without having to scroll left and right, this is the format you want.  For desktop computers, average or larger laptops, and even larger tablets, this is definitely the format of choice.  It will display all the diagrams just as they appear in the printed book.

EPUB: The Epub version works well on smaller devices including mobile computers, tablets, smart phones, and the like. The text will be clearly legible on any size of device. Some ebook readers render the diagrams beautifully, others less so. Some allow you to select an image, isolate it, and then zoom in and pan around it to view every detail. Depending on your electronic device and your ebook reader software, your results will vary just like they do with every other Epub publication. This particular book has more than 40 diagrams, most of which are important to fully understanding the text. For small, hand-held, Epub-compatible devices, this is the format you want.

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